• new, new, new, new, new


    Bid farewell to winter and say hello to longer, sunnier days ahead with new jewellery in punchy hues, fresh silhouettes, and brand new colourings of your favourite pieces. Whether you want to channel a soft, feminine look for spring or warm up to an edgier style for summer, pick up a few jewels to give your look a breath of fresh air.

  • looking forward to fall…


    Bikini weather may still be going strong, but we’re looking forward to cozy sweaters and Fall neutrals with the new Fall/Winter Collection. Featuring new styles and silhouettes, cool colour upgrades, and new takes on old favourites, here are some highlights, just for you.

  • lolaandgrace loves: our new collection


    Women’s jewellery for even the most discerning or indecisive individual – our new collection boasts some amazing bracelets, fabulous rings and excellent necklaces. All pieces are fun and flirty, like the sunny season, and can be dressed up or down according to your mood or the occasion!

  • how to: be blue


    We’re feeling blue here at lolaandgrace, but there’s not a long face in sight! That’s because this SS14 trend is far from dull or depressing! Au contraire, blue is back in the form of a laid-back demin look that’s easy peasy, and worn with the embellishments that this season’s update[…]

  • lolaandgrace loves: paris


    Paris – the city of lights and other sensory delights! Oh how we adore this metropolis! With its wide boulevards, gorgeous architecture and an ambience that can only be described as tres chic, the capital city of France has so much to offer! Fashion fanatics can bask in the contemporary[…]

  • how to: perfect the pious trend


    one of the less mainstream looks this autumn/winter season has been the pious trend. a look that combines demure hemlines with rich fabrics like velvet and lace. it’s certainly not an easy style to get right, but it’s definitely one we adore! we think this trend is a striking and[…]

  • who’s that girl: sally cotterill


    sally cotterill is a fashion and beauty illustrator who crafts the most vivid and gorgeous images we’ve seen in a long while. she’s worked with the likes of topshop, illamasqua, all saints, marc jacobs, grazia, gossip girl and clique magazine, to name a few, and has carved a niche for herself[…]

  • lola and grace loves: blessings and honour tumblr


    tumblr is a crazy menagerie of sights and sounds from across the internet and it can be a bit of a black hole – sucking up hours of time and attention! don’t get us wrong, we love surfing through different people’s tumblrs, gaining a vision into what people adore and[…]

  • how to: layer up


    get ready to layer up! as common as the cold in the winter months is the tendency to forgo fashion for warmth and comfort. we are here today to put this style myth to bed – where all baggy and lumpy cold weather clothing belongs! You don’t have to look like[…]

  • lola and grace loves: 3d printing


    when you hear the term “printing”, the mind naturally wanders to thoughts of paper jams and ink shortages, but we’re here today to bring a new meaning to this word! we’re here to chat about 3d printing, a process that is being heralded as the new vanguard for fashion innovation.[…]

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