about lolaandgrace


lolaandgrace is the affordable fashion jewellery brand launched in 2012 by the Swarovski group. The brand offers on-trend jewellery, with a distinctive design and strong mixandmatch character. Exclusively designed, our jewellery is crafted using high quality materials and embellished with Swarovski® crystals, in an endless range of colours and cuts. The lolaandgrace collections provide women with a fresh and contemporary diversity of styles, from feminine classics to the latest trends, all proposed in a variety of metal platings.

Suitable for all life’s moments, lolaandgrace jewellery is easy to wear, stylish and affordable, an ideal choice for all women who want to enhance their femininity and add the perfect finishing touch to their daily style. lolaandgrace products provide women with the confidence to live in the moment and embrace the future. Thanks to its versatility and crystal detail, lolaandgrace jewellery is a perfectly stylish gift for all occasions.

The brand is distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide through more than 700 points-of-sale. For more information, please visit us on www.lolaandgrace.com

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